General Goods Shipping

We offer complete road transport services of goods both in full truck mode, in express mode and in groups. We are the solution!

Refrigerated Shipping

Road transport of goods under controlled temperature (refrigerated) is intended for perishable goods, frozen or refrigerated. Temperature monitoring is done throughout the transport.

Relocation Services

Do you want to move? Relocation for us is not a mystery. We disassemble, pack, transport. We have solutions for any problem!

About us

Our team of experts is made up of members with years of experience, and this adds credibility. It also helps us to reduce response time, as well as to provide and deliver dependable services at any time, whether it is truck loading or EXPRESS transport services. Our goal is to make a positive difference in business through our services, and to build long-term relationships with you.

More specifically, what we can do for you:

  • Road transport for any type of goods on any domestic, international route;
  • Full and group / partial loads;
  • General, refrigerated, oversized, special or dangerous goods, personal effects;
  • EXPRESS transport with VANs (5-8 europallets) as well as with standard trucks with loading capacity up to 24 tons (33 europallets), as well as megatrailer type trucks for oversized transports.

We carry out road transport anywhere in Europe and with any type of vehicle.


We are the transport company that offers to its clients maritime goods transport services, to and from the port of Constanta.


We offer air freight solutions worldwide, both with airliners and with charter, for important or exported goods, using the services of the most powerful airlines.


Organizam transporturi de efecte personale, asigurand ambalarea si manipularea la incarcare / descarcare.





Our goods were transported in the shortest possible time. I didn’t expect him to honor with flying stars his contract. Congratulations! As proof we have been working together for 6 years!


I work for a multinational and I contacted them to solve a distribution problem. Goods arrived on time! Bravo


I turned to them to help me organize my relocation from Romania to France. They are specialists 🙂 everything was packed and wrapped. My furniture items reached their destination without any scratches. Truly professional!

Ciresan Camelia

I called them to move to the new headquarters, I was very pleasantly impressed by how attentive and professional they were. I have nothing to complain about.